Atom Match combines tilt controls with colour matching game-play.

Atom Match

Tilt your phone or tablet to move the atom injector around the edge of the reactor. Position the injector to aim the stream of atoms as they enter the reactor.


You must group atoms of a similar type together so that they create hexagons. When an atomic hexagon is complete all of the atoms that are part of the hexagon will transform into a photon of energy. The photon will travel to the edge of the reactor. This is your opportunity! Quickly move your injector around the reactor so that it captures the photon. Move fast because the photon will decay in seconds.


Captured photons increase the reaction multiplier. This will increase your score for each atom that’s destroyed.

When a photon is created a new atom type becomes available. You’ll need to pay attention to the arrangement when you have multiple atom types.

Maintain the reaction for as long as possible by keeping atoms within reactor. If they breach the barrier the reactor will be SHUT DOWN!


Trigger a chain reaction by creating a hexagon with a second type of atom in its core.

IMG_0481  IMG_0482  IMG_0480

Maximize each chain reaction by filling the reactor as much as you dare and then triggering the chain reaction. Enjoy the cascade!


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